Experiential, Educational and Empowering training programs that support neural performance, resilience, and leadership skills for youth, athletes, and professionals.

Neurocentric conditioning blends neuroscience, yoga, fitness and play into a universal and sustainable intervention that optimizes neural health, resilience against adversity and vitality throughout the lifespan.

Our greatest opportunity is to cultivate our mental and physical integrity from the inside out.

The solution is to get ahead of head injuries and trauma. Protect against the development of chronic disease and neuropathology through a balanced lifestyle.

Private Training

Individual or group
For those seeking to optimize their mental and physical core integrity

For Individuals (and care givers/support) who have sustained a neurological (and autoimmune) trauma and injury. Including but not limited to, concussion, brain injury, PTSD, anxiety, depression, stroke, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, MS, Cancer

Team Training

Neuro-centric yoga practices
protect the brain and promote athletic performance.

  • Cultivate the mind-body connection, endurance, and vitality.
  • Develop leadership skills and team camaraderie necessary to navigate adversity adaptively and advantageously.
  • Learn active rest techniques to enhance cellular restoration and neural reserve, decreasing injury and pathology.
  • Explore mental exercise that support
    flow and self-mastery

Public Speaking

Presentations and educational seminars for youth, athletes, schools, professionals, and the general public

FUNctional tools to advance FUNdamental skills.
Learn the basics of brain health, practices that enhance resilience, flow, self-leadership, and the sense of community inclusion.

Learn More About Our Neural Health Training

This training helps empower our youth through experiential education that is both proactive and preventive.