The 360 Agility Neural Health program provides a multidimensional and sustainable solution that allows the mind to focus and the body to relax.

Some of the benefits include:


  • Decrease severity of physical/emotional ailments, suffering, and recovery time.
  • Improve overall nervous system health.
  • Increase neurogenesis and neuroplasticity, enhancing neural integrity through stimulating neural density and connectivity.
  • Guides leadership development and emotional intelligence through practices that optimize resilience (developed self-regulation, resourcefulness, inner resource, and reserve) and altruism (self-esteem, efficacy, autonomy and awareness).
  • Decrease injuries and disease by teaching people how to balance their neuro-endo-immune system and nourish their mind/body.
  • Provide physical exercises/practices that optimize muscle balance, postural alignment, and joint stability.

Our breath – and mediation – based Percussion Training cultivates a connection with the self and others, ultimately helping to create a sustainable altruistic global society.

During the program, 360 Agility founder Melissa Mroz will focus on what she calls:

Pillars for Quality of Life
and Neural Health

Energy Conservation and Cultivation

  • Good Neurogenic Practices
  • Sleep Hygiene


  • Food, Water, Air
  • Sensory Stimulation


  • Disciplined Resistant Training
  • Expressive and Explorative Recreation


  • Personal (Voluntary)
  • Professional (Vocational)

The end result is to sustain a conscious, fully realized, thriving existence that is free of unnecessary suffering and chronic disease.

That’s the 360 Agility difference.

Meet Melissa

Learn more about Melissa, her mission, and the idea behind 360 Agility