360 Agility provides a holistic, multidimensional, multi-disciplined approach to optimize neural health and protect against brain trauma.

We thrive when our mind and body are in perfect harmony. That’s why 360 Agility promotes homeostasis through a combination of Neural Health, neuroplastic development, and good habits and routines.

Our training courses improve neural density and cognitive/emotional skills so that athletes are better protected against brain trauma and young adults can develop into their best selves.

Guides leadership development and emotional intelligence through practices that optimize resilience and altruism.

Decrease injuries and disease by teaching people how to balance their neuro-endo-immune system and nourish their mind/body.

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Learn About Our 8-Week Program

An 8-Week education and training program that supports neural functioning and leadership skills for athletes, professionals, and youth.

Our 8-week training program combines holistic practices, such as yoga therapy, percussion breathing, public speaking development, and neurogenesis to improve young adults’ cognition, mind-body health, and emotional intelligence skills.

We start with physical exercise programs that stimulate the sensory-motor system by promoting muscle balance, postural alignment, joint stability, and vestibular health.

Each program also focuses on developing emotional intelligence, leadership, and altruism through one-on-one and group-based training that teaches self-resilience, cognitive awareness, and empathy to increase students’ awareness and understanding of the world around them.

Best of all, our course aligns each practice to focus on nervous system health, so that young adults can fight back against chronic diseases, nueropathogens, and traumatic brain injuries that take a tremendous toll on their lives.

After our 8-week program, students will feel refreshed, eliminate brain fog, form better habits, become more confident, and transform into better leaders.

Find out how you can be your best self with the 360 Agility advantage!


About 360 Agility

360 Agility is an all-encompassing approach to health and well-being. Our company was founded on the idea that, through purposeful thought, you can form new synapses and create new neurological connections in the brain, ultimately resulting in a new neural construct.

Since this is true, we also have the ability to strengthen and reinforce current constructs and neural networks to better protect and preserve our brains from damage when under duress.



A focused practice designed to develop self-regulation and create resilience in the mind, reserve on a neural level, and resource on an internal level.

If everyone had these four things, we could have World Peace.


Empower individuals to participate in daily practices that align the body and mind to thrive throughout life.

Recognizing the power of thoughts is quintessential to understanding how to harness that power in order to create not only a better life but a better world.


Revolutionize pre & post-concussion and TBI programming with training developed to enhance the capacity to navigate challenges in addition to developing foundational skills for optimizing the outcomes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yoga is a practice for the mind that helps regulate and balance the nervous system and focus the mind in order to relieve suffering.

Yoga therapy unlocks the potential of yoga and self-discovery as an intentional guided instruction and educational process.

Breathing exercises allow us to consciously direct the energies in our body drawing the neuroendocrine system into a state of balance, increasing neurogenesis and plasticity. It also enhances interoception, metacognition, and emotional intelligence.

Interoception is a conscious awareness of the body from the inside out.

Neuroplasticity is the connectivity and networking of the neurons within the brain. It is what allows the brain to develop, grow, and adapt by forming new neural connections.

Neurogenesis is the process of the brain producing more neurons, therefore increasing the density of the brain.

Meta-cognition is the ability to observe and understand your own thoughts and thought patterns from an objective space.

Emotional Intelligence is the ability to recognize sensations, feelings, and emotions within yourself, and to notice where they are coming from in order to make adaptive changes. This also enhances empathy, compassion, and the ability to connect with others.